the bal

Tagada for France

Bubble gum for America

choose your style!

pink or red?  50s or 70s? you're free to chosse or create..

                    In addition to the dances you'll enjoy the Christophe's delicious  culinary surprises!

               Great contest of Malabar's bubbles......Practice!


reservation required on this site: Dance and Buffet:40€



Swing class 13 September
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Parisian August dance week
Richard Powers's workshop

           Saturday , September 6 

                                                 Studio Diabolo,46 Avenue de Fontainebleau

                                                               94270 Kremlin Bicêtre.

                                    A day with Richard Powers...

                                        Workshops   and    Bal          



Classes: From 10pm to 1am and from 2.30 to 5.30pm

Bal: from 7.30pm to 11pm.


Workshop and Bal: 90€


Bal:40€ ( included food and drinks )




Bubble gum  and Tagada

 1950's America at the Studio Diabolo

it's the new place we have chosen to host our annual course and Bal with Richard Powers.

Opportunity to change on site for the Bal.

 46 Avenue de Fontainebleau 94270 le Kremlin Bicêtre

 M°:Kremlin Bicêtre( line 7)

Bus:47; stop at Convention-Fontainebleau

Tram: 3; stop at Porte d'Italie.

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