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Parisian August dance week
Ligoure's style of life

Ligoure is an exceptional place ... but it must be earned.

It is a convivial place where everyone takes part in the daily tasks in respect of places and others.

So that you have to clean the dishes, serve meals and keep clean your room.
You will also prepare your breakfast and clean your room and bathroom before leaving.

But it's worth trying since the castle will be yours for a week.


The rooms are three four or five people;

Apart the infirmery rooms there are no single .

The few double rooms will be reserved for couples (as possibilities)


Chantale, who manages the place, will prepare delicious meals with the products from most of ​​the castle resources and farms
Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided but not towels.
Feel free to write us for more information.

Welcome to our castle life!

Dance week in a castle
       From Friday July 31
      Thurday 06 August



            Régine Warlope                        
            Patrick Nollio 

           and intoducing at Ligoure

            Richard Powers                                    



    6 nights,5 bals,6 breackfasts,30 meals and 25 hours classes with our three exeptional teachers!    

                                                       490 euros for the week


                                                                          See you at our registration page!




                                           Previous themes of the evening parties:   



              From Paris to Buenos-aires (Tangos and  Musette)

              Waltz,Quadrilles and Contredanses

              A night in a Speackeasy (dances of the Prohibition era and later)

              Folk dances.(Polka,Mazurka,Walz and Scottish)

              From Cuba to Copacabana.(a cocktail closing night beginning in 1930 to around 1970)


Everyday a  class will be spent preparing the evening bal .



Arrival   Friday 31 July afternoon

First classes and meeting with our teachers 6pm

Welcome aperitif 7pm

Diner 8pm

Short evening party of free dances  from 9 to 11pm

Departure Thuesday 6 August

The rooms must be cleaned and vacated before noon.

Schedules of the days

   9h45: Streching

   10h à11h15: class 1

   11h15 à11h30: breack

   11h30 à 12h45: class 2


            13h à 15h: lunch breack and free time


    15h à 15h50: class 3

    16h à16h50: class 4

    16h50 à 17h: breack

    17 à 17h50: class 5

    17h50 à 18h15: relaxation


                   19h30: Diner


                   21h à 23h30: Evening bal




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