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Gone with the wind

Let's recreate for one evening the atmosphere of the great southern properties of the United States at the time of the American Civil War, taking inspiration from the novel by Margaret Mitchell and the film which was taken from it.

Guinguettes party


From the "Apaches" to "congés payés", passing by the Impressionists, the  "Guinguettes" on the banks of the Marne have made generations dance and the accordion will take us tonight in "valses chaloupées", dizzying tangos and frantic Passos.

laughter and absurds

For our recreational afternoon followed by our Picon-beer evening we chose a trip to the heart of the absurd and laughter. From the monthy pytons for the most daring, to the Deschiens for the most crazy, via Benny Hill for the most traditionalists of English humor, you can dare everything .... Ridiculous and excessive highly recommended ....


What could be better than the memory of the Titanic to evoke the great transatlantic liners their luxury, their magic and their scent of exoticism at a time when traveling had a taste of adventure. Whether you are in first second or third class, these long trips were the occasion for many entertainments and in particular balls. Emigrant, clergyman or billionaire you choose your bridge, but everyone will dance.

Mods,Rockers,Dolce vita and Nouvelle vague

A brief plunge into musical Europe in the 1960s, in France the "New Wave" term launched by Françoise Sagan to name the new trends in French cinema and which then spread to the whole of a generation defined by its music and his style of dress; in England at the same time, two types of teen agers clashed: Mods (modernists) rather B chic who rolled in scooters, dressed classic chic, listened to Modern Jazz and Soul and consumed drugs, they opposed the Rockers, dressed in leathers, riding motorcycles, listening to Gene Vincent or Chuck Berry and consuming beer rather than amphetamines. Although the two clans clash (sometimes brutally) they find themselves in the same unconventional movement which will influence European youth for many years. As for Italy, Although the cultural revolution seems more discreet, it is nevertheless present, it suffices to see Anita Ekberg bathing in the Trevi fountain to understand that there too the anti-conformist was ruling. So for this evening, three small tours at the Yéyés, a detour via Via Navone to finish at the Marquee in London.

circus,carnivals and street performers

A colorful evening as we will put on costumes and personalities from the circus and fairground world. To us the colorful costumes of the clowns, the frills of the fortune tellers, the tutus of the riders, the coats of the magicians, the capes of the trapeze artists, the tiger skins of the tamers and the top hat of Monsieur Loyal, all the eccentricities are allowed in this bizarre world but don't forget that you will have to dance ...

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