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Barbie et Ken at the prom

Who else but Barbie (born as a teenager in 1959) could open our prom? Queen of the college, of course, flanked by the indefatigable Ken and followed by his wrapped poodle she will animate with her team of friends our evening dedicated to the 1950s. Who will you be? Skipper, Stacie, Krissy, Midge, Allan, Blain, Raquel, Todd, Brad, or Lord ???


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Borgias and co...

We need an afternoon of rest, she will be pious this year to repent in advance of our future excesses at the ball opera. Rites (not last but ..maybe savages), saints of all kinds, relics and other artefacts, various confessions, sisters out enjoying we etc.. will take tea at the Borgias ... As long as it is not poisoned .

Ligoure's style of life

Ligoure is an exceptional place ... but it must be earned.

It is a convivial place where everyone takes part in the daily tasks in respect of places and others.

So that you have to clean the dishes, serve meals and keep clean your room.
You will also prepare your breakfast and clean your room and bathroom before leaving.

But it's worth trying since the castle will be yours for a week.


The rooms are three four or five people;

Apart the infirmery rooms there are no single .

The few double rooms will be reserved for couples (as possibilities)


Chantale, who manages the place, will prepare delicious meals with the products from most of ​​the castle resources and farms
Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided but not towels.
Feel free to write us for more information.

Welcome to our castle life!

Carnival and bal de l'opéra

In 1830 the carnival of Paris supplants all others in Europe, including the venitian one. From Epiphany to Ash Wednesday it lasts a month and a half, the top point being  on the last ball of the opera, the one we invite you for our last evening ....

The social barriers have fallen, every one is going to dance, it is  time for freedom and transgressions, which is well reflected by the costumes (women in pants, men feathered, "engueunillés" or feminized) but also by the dances(of course, for a while, everyone wears clothes that allow great freedom of movements),  no minuets or quadrilles here but polkas, chahuts and frenetic dances ( the famous final galop).

More than ever everything is allowed ...


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Merry Chrismas


That was our dream ... it comes true with a few amazing goblins that you know well...

A Christmas eve in Ligoure with , fir and small gifts, log and turkey, woolen sweaters and red and green socks hanging on the fireplace .. yes in August

Well, it's for this summer, we're waiting for reindeer, goblins, snow and of course Santa ...

so  everyone brings a gift (homemade or not exceeding the value of two euros but nicely wrapped) to make a big pile at the foot of the tree, they will then be distributed blindly during the ball.)


About Santa and Xmas click on the picture



Une soirée chez Gertrude Stein

         "The lost generation" was this horde of American refugees in Paris between the two wars. So named by Gertrude Stein, they participated in the reputation of Paris as a leading city of the roaring twenties. Between "brasseries", artists 'workshops, writers' and bookshops, and "bals nègres" , let us breathe this desperate and magical interlude.


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